Ethereum Unit Converter: Ether to Wei, Gwei, Kwei, etc.

Convert ethereum units and subunits (wei, gwei, etc.) easily with ETH Unit Converter, a free online tool to simplify your crypto calculations!

About Ethereum Unit Converter

Ethereum Unit Converter

The Ethereum Unit Converter is a tool designed to facilitate seamless conversion between different denominations of Ether, Ethereum's native cryptocurrency. This tool supports converting one value from any of the following Ethereum units to others:

  • Wei: The smallest unit, equivalent to 1.
  • Kwei: Also known as Ada, a thousand Wei.
  • Mwei: A million Wei, also known as Babbage.
  • Gwei: A billion Wei, also known as Shannon.
  • Szabo: A million Gwei, named after computer scientist Nick Szabo.
  • Finney: A thousand Gwei, honoring Hal Finney, a cryptographic pioneer.
  • Ether: The base unit, equivalent to 1.
  • Kether: A thousand Ether.
  • Mether: A million Ether.
  • Gether: A billion Ether.
  • Tether: A trillion Ether.


The Ethereum Unit Converter takes a value in any Ethereum unit from the list mentioned above and converts it to other units within the Ethereum ecosystem. For instance, providing a value in Wei and selecting other units will display the equivalent value in those units.

Conversion Factors

The conversion factors for each Ethereum unit are as follows:

  • Wei: 1
  • Kwei: 1e15 (1000000000000000)
  • Mwei: 1e18 (1000000000000000000)
  • Gwei: 1e9 (1000000000)
  • Szabo: 1e6 (1000000)
  • Finney: 1e3 (1000)
  • Ether: 1
  • Kether: 1e-3 (0.001)
  • Mether: 1e-6 (0.000001)
  • Gether: 1e-9 (0.000000001)
  • Tether: 1e-12 (0.000000000001)

This tool provides an efficient way to convert values between Ethereum units, aiding developers, traders, and Ethereum enthusiasts in managing and understanding different denominations of Ether within the Ethereum ecosystem.