Create a Google Form and Save Responses in a Google Sheet

Learn how to create a simple contact form with Google Forms for free and store all the responses in a Google Sheet for better analysis and organization.

Create a New Form

Go to Google Forms and click on the "new blank form" button.

create google form

A new form with a sample question will open.

Give the form a title and a description.

google form

Change the default question content to "Your Name" and the question type will be automatically detected; if not, choose "Short Answer" as the type.

new question google form

Clone this question by clicking on the copy button next to the trash icon, and change the question to "Your Email", You can make it required if you want.

duplicate question google form

Finally, create another question and change it to "Message" and choose "Paragraph" type if it is not already chosen.

Google form paragraph

Share The Form

Click on the send button in the top right corner.

A new popup will open; click on the link icon.

share google form

Copy the link and share it with your customers. Upon clicking the link, they can see this form.

google form output

Setup Google Sheet

When someone fills out the form and submits it, you will see the response under the Responses tab of your form.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it's not that convenient to manage once you get lots of responses.

reponses in google forms

Click on the "Link to Sheets" button on the top right corner of that tab.

Give your sheet a name and create one, or you can use an existing sheet in your account.

link google sheet with forms

Once created, the sheet will open in a new tab. You can bookmark this for quick access.

google sheet with form response

You can apply filters, sort by a column, or do whatever you want with the data.

google sheet with autofilter

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