Case Converter: String to Upper, Lower, Pascal, Snake, etc

Instantly convert multi-line text to any case, such as Pascal, Camel, Upper, Lower, Snake Case, etc., with our free Case Converter tool for developers.

About Case Converter

Case Converter is a tool that changes the letter case of text from one format to another. It allows users to switch between multiple case formats easily. You can even put multiple-word phrases and multiple lines of phrases and convert them instantly.

Available Case Formats:

  1. UPPERCASE: Converts all letters in the text to their capital form.

  2. lowercase: Transforms all letters in the text to their small or lowercase form.

  3. Capitalize: Capitalizes the first letter of each word, leaving the rest in lowercase.

  4. PascalCase: Capitalizes the first letter of each word without any separators, commonly used in programming languages for naming conventions.

  5. camelCase: Similar to PascalCase but starts with a lowercase letter and capitalizes the first letter of subsequent concatenated words.

  6. CONSTANT_CASE: Converts all letters to uppercase with underscores between words, often used for constants in programming.

  7. snake_case: Uses underscores between words, all in lowercase, commonly used for naming variables and files in programming.

  8. Header-Case: Capitalizes the first letter of each word but uses hyphens (-) as separators, often used in URLs or headers within web content.

These different case types serve specific purposes in coding, writing, and formatting text, helping maintain consistency, readability, and adherence to specific style guidelines or programming conventions.