CSS to JSON Converter: Free Online Tool

CSS to JSON Converter is a free online tool that lets you generate JSON objects from plain CSS code and convert JSON objects back to CSS code instantly.

About CSS to JSON Converter

The CSS to JSON conversion functionality allows users to input CSS code and obtain a well-organized JSON object. Each CSS rule is transformed into a key within the JSON object, with corresponding properties and values encapsulated for ease of access.

This JSON representation retains the hierarchy and structure of the original CSS, ensuring that the styling data is both readable and programmatically accessible.

Moreover, the tool extends its capabilities by providing the ability to revert the JSON object back to CSS. This allows users to perform bidirectional transformations, supporting the integration of JSON-styled content into web applications.

By supplying the JSON object obtained from the conversion, the tool can reconstruct the CSS code, making it ready for direct application in web projects.