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Free JSON to C# converter: Transform JSON objects into C Sharp classes with properties, Get/Set methods, and file handling options.

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About JSON to C# Converter

Step 1: Enter JSON Code

Paste your JSON code in the text box above. If you want to test you can use the sample json object below.

  "name": "Bob Smith",
  "age" : "25",
  "country": "United States",
  "skillset": ["php", "html", "css", "javascript"] 

Step 2: Options

You can choose an output format from "Just Types", "Complete","Attributes Only" and "Just Types and Namespace". If you are not sure, try converting each option one by one.

Also, you can select what type of array format you want.

You can leave the options as they are to use the default settings.

Step 3: Convert

Press the "Json to C#" button to instantly convert the given JSON object to C# classes.

You can use this JSON Validator to make sure it"s a valid JSON object.

You can copy the result if you are satisfied, or tweak the options and try converting again.

Hit the "Clear" button to reset the form.