CSS Gradient Background Generator with Live Preview

Easily produce vibrant, multi-colored gradient backgrounds using our complimentary code generator tool, complete with a real-time preview. When you are content with the result, effortlessly copy and paste the generated CSS code.


About CSS Gradient Background Generator

To generate gradient backgrounds using CSS, you can use the background or background-image property along with the linear-gradient or radial-gradient function. Here's a basic guide on how to create gradient backgrounds:


background: linear-gradient(direction, color1, color2, ...);
background: radial-gradient(circle at 50% 50%, #000000 31%, #ff6600 92%);

How to Use this Tool?

  • Select the Style between "linear" and "graident" under the settings area.
  • If you choose "linear," then you can adjust the ratio of the gradient.
  • If you choose "radial," then you can select the X and Y positions of the circle.
  • Then you can select the colors and their range in the gradient mix.
  • By default, we provide only two colors; you can add more by clicking on the "Add +" button.
  • Make sure to adjust the range of each color.
  • Once you are happy with the sample preview shown above, just click on the "Show Code" button, which will take you to the Generated CSS Code section.
  • Just copy the code and paste it in your CSS file.