HTML List Generator: Build UL or OL Tags from Plain Text

HTML List Generator allows you to transform a lengthy list of regular text, separated by either new lines or commas, into an HTML unordered or ordered list tag.

About HTML List Generator

In HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), a list is a way to organize and present information in a structured format. HTML provides two types of lists: ordered lists (ol) and unordered lists (ul).

Ordered List (ol): An ordered list is used when the items need to be displayed in a specific sequential order. Each item in the list is automatically numbered. The numbering can be in different formats, such as numerals (1, 2, 3...), uppercase letters (A, B, C...), lowercase letters (a, b, c...), and Roman numerals (I, II, III...). Each list item is wrapped within an <li> (list item) tag.

Example of an ordered list in HTML:

<ol> <li>First item</li> <li>Second item</li> <li>Third item</li> </ol>

Unordered List (ul): An unordered list is used when the items do not need to follow a specific order or sequence. The items are typically preceded by bullet points or other symbols. Each list item is wrapped within an <li> (list item) tag.

<ol> <li>First item</li> <li>Second item</li> <li>Third item</li> </ol>

HTML lists are useful for structuring content, making it more readable, and presenting information in a clear and organized manner on web pages.

How to Convert Plain Text to HTML List?

  • Paste your list of strings separated by either new lines or by commas.
  • If you have it separated with commas, please choose the Delimiter option to Comma.
  • Select the type, its either UL or OL.
  • Hit Generate button and your UL or OL html tag will appear in a textbox. You can copy it.
  • Hit the Reset button and generate another HTML List tag.