URL Slug Generator: Free Online Slugify Tool

URL Slug Generator helps you generate SEO-friendly slugs for your URLs based on your webpage title. This is a free online tool for slugification.

About URL Slug Generator

A "slug" is a URL-friendly representation of a string or a piece of text. It is typically used to create clean and human-readable URLs for web pages, blog posts, or other resources on a website.

URL Slugs are usually all-lowercase and use hyphens ("-") to separate words or phrases. Special characters, spaces, and punctuation are removed or replaced to ensure the URL remains safe and user-friendly.

For example, consider the following article title: "Introduction to Web Development." To create a slug for this title, we would apply slugification rules and end up with something like"introduction-to-web-development." This slug can be used in the URL to represent the web page associated with the article.

How to Slugify URLs Using this Tool?

  • Enter or paste your string in the textbox above, usually this should be the title of your web page.
  • As you type, or once you have pasted, you can see the string will be converted to url friendly slug.
  • Now you can copy it and use it in your website. Make sure to check your database for any duplicate slugs already exists.