CURL Builder : Online curl command line code generator

cURL Builder is a free online tool to instantly generate command line code snippets to test your own APIs or call any API using your terminal.

About cURL Command Builder

The cURL Creator stands as a valuable, freely accessible online utility, designed to swiftly build command line code snippets.

These snippets serve the purpose of facilitating seamless API testing or enabling the invocation of various APIs directly from your terminal.

By utilizing this tool, you can efficiently experiment with your own APIs or initiate interactions with external APIs, all through the command line interface.

Available Settings:

  • HTTP Method: Select GET / POST / PUT / DELETE
  • URL: Enter the URL to which you want to send the request.
  • Body: Choose body type; the default value is JSON, and then paste your JSON payload in the textbox. Note that you can choose form-data, but you can still enter a JSON payload, which will be automatically converted to form-data.
  • Authorization: Select None / Basic and enter the value in username:password format. / Bearer Token and enter only the token without the bearer prefix.
  • Timeout: Optional parameter / in seconds
  • Retry: Optional parameter / in number
  • Headers: Optional parameter / Additional headers