SSL Lookup: Check TLS/SSL Certificate of Any Website

Quickly check SSL certificate details for any website with our free online tool. No hassle, instant results. Ensure your site's security now!

About SSL Lookup Online

The SSL Lookup Tool is a free service designed to provide users with information about SSL certificates associated with a specific domain.

By utilizing this tool, users can gain insights into the validity, issuer, and other relevant details of SSL certificates, ensuring secure and trustworthy connections to websites.

How to Use?

  • Enter you hostname, without http:// or https://, without any path, for example: google.com
  • Click on Lookup button.
  • That's it, you will get the full TLS/SSL status of the website.

TLS/SSL Lookup Response

You will be able to get the following data in the result.

  • issued_to: The entity to which the SSL certificate is issued.
  • issued_by: The entity that issued the SSL certificate.
  • valid_from: The date and time from which the SSL certificate is valid.
  • valid_to: The date and time until which the SSL certificate remains valid.
  • alternate_names: Any alternate domain names covered by the SSL certificate.
  • serial_number: The serial number of the SSL certificate.
  • fingerprint: The fingerprint of the SSL certificate.
  • raw: The raw content of the SSL certificate in PEM format.