What is My IP: Find your Public IP Address and Location

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About What is My IP

What is My IP Online Tool is a convenient and straightforward utility designed to provide users with immediate access to their public IP address along with additional geo location details such as country, ISP etc.

This online tool offers a hassle-free solution for anyone curious about their current IP configuration or needing to verify their connection status.

One of the primary benefits of this tool is its usefulness in checking VPN connections. By checking the "What is My IP" page before and after connecting to a VPN service, users can easily confirm whether their VPN connection is successfully established.

Geo Location Details

  • country: Represents the country where the IP address is located.
  • countryCode: Provides the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for the country.
  • region: Denotes the code or abbreviation for the region or state within the country.
  • regionName: Specifies the name of the region or state within the country.
  • city: Indicates the name of the city where the IP address is located.
  • zip: Represents the ZIP or postal code associated with the city.
  • lat: Specifies the latitude coordinate of the IP address location.
  • lon: Specifies the longitude coordinate of the IP address location.
  • timezone: Denotes the timezone in which the IP address is located.
  • isp: Represents the Internet Service Provider (ISP) associated with the IP address.
  • org: Represents the organization or company associated with the ISP.
  • as: Denotes the Autonomous System (AS) number and name associated with the ISP.