Free Online Open Graph Tags Generator

Open Graph Tag Generator allows you to instantly create OG Meta Tags for your web pages which improves previews when your content is shared on social media.

About Open Graph Tags Generator

Optimize your web pages with accurate OpenGraph meta tags to attract more clicks, likes, and shares. Boost your brand's online visibility and drive traffic through compelling previews.

Get started now with our easy-to-use OpenGraph tags generator for free!

Input Fields:

  • Web Page URL: Copy and paste the URL of the page for which you are trying to generate og tags.
  • Web Page Title: Enter the title of your page.
  • Web Page Description: Write a short description that explains what the page is about in brief.
  • Thumbnail URL: Enter the full thumbnail url for your page; it can be your logo as well.
  • Web Page Type: There are a lot of OpenGraph website types available, but we have included the most common ones. Most of the time, you only need the types "website" or "article".

How to Generate Open Graph Tags?

  • Enter the values for required fields.
  • Click on Generate button below the textbox.
  • Your OpenGraph Tags will be generated and you can copy the code from the result textbox.
  • You can paste this code inside of head tag in your HTML code.
  • Click on Reset button or Reload the page to reset the form and generate OG tags for other pages as well.